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Make a gift to support our effort in developing free and open source software. Through the generosity of people like you, our work can make a difference. Your gift to the foundation allows us to improve our free tools and their documentation, for the freedom of speech and cultural development of digital communities at large.

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Donate historical hardware

Those with a passion for computers can donate to us historical hardware that we restore and keep in good state, publicly accessible in our “Working Computer Museum”.

The MusIF (Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante) is located in Sicily and we really hope you’ll visit it one day: during the past 15 and more years we have collected many historical pieces belonging to our digital past, all working and in good state to be studied and still used. Exemplars as VAX, Data General Eclipse, AppleII/c, PDP/11 and even an Apple-I are kept operational and able to recover data from mass storage. We also contribute to run this X.25 retro DECnet :^)

If you are willing to send us an hardware donation, please contact us with a description of the hardware you like to give.

Stay in contact

Stay in contact

Sometimes we organize events and workshops around the world, leave us your email if you like to receive a notice.

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