We are not driven by the logic of profit, but by ideals: is your solidarity that makes us progress. Please show your appreciation and support our efforts by donating money, CPU cycles or hardware.

Become a Donor

2013 Fundraiser

Help us with a donation to cover costs for hosting and tech equipment, it will cover our yearly infrastructure expenses, plus your kind contribution is really motivating us to continue!
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Of course be welcome to donate us Bitcoins!

Our expenses are very limited considering the impact of what we do. We are working hard since 12 years on our software and even small donations make a big difference. Thanks for considering it!

Donate CPU cycles


We are runing a P2Pool collective mining node for Litecoins with our left-over CPU cycles on desktops and servers, counting on our supporters that have access to fast machines. Join us! If you can, please donate us some of your CPU cycles by running a low-priority mining process which won’t take much from your usual computation needs.

Download our CPUMiner

On Debian and Ubuntu machines you simply need to install our latest cpuminer package and its all ready to go. The process minerd will run with his own UID (cpuminer) at lowest priority (19) on all CPUs: it connects via port 9327 to our mining pool, logs are found in /var/logs/cpuminer. If you ever want to get rid of it simply apt-get remove the cpuminer package.

Donate hardware

You are welcome to donate us working hardware: machines that we can test our software with, platforms that we can support, cpus we can cluster and devices we can make use of, all well accepted!

And even obsolete hardware that can be still put in use: such things can be valuable in some less fortunate places of the world, impossible to afford for an hacker developing free software and living a modest life.

The Computer Museum on the island of Sicily is one of the places where becomes physical as Poetry Hacklab. Hackers gather to share knowledge and passion recycling computers and preserving them functioning, for fun and education. Exemplars as VAX, Data General Eclipse, AppleII/c and PDP/11 are kept operational and able to recover data from mass storage. And there is even a retro DECnet :)

If you are willing to send us an hardware donation, please contact us with a description of the hardware you like to give.