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Dyne.org is a Think & Do Tank with more than 10 years of expertise in new media. We act in support of artists, creatives and engaged citizens in the digital age with tools, practices and narratives for community empowerment.

Too often software development is the arrangement of code and functions aimed at satisfying consumer needs. For us the computer and the networks are where dynamics that are aesthetic, social, political, technical, spatial, linguistic, economic and numerical, meet and shape each other.

Ranging from radio makers, humanitarian organisations, artists, medics, activists and educators, a large amount of people employed and redistributed our software worldwide and free of charge.


Dyne.org exists since 2000 as a foundation committed to research and development of free and open source software and services. We act in support of artists, creatives and engaged citizens in the digital age with tools, practices and narratives for community empowerment.

Code repository

Open Source

Code is important as much as human language, it makes things happen. Code is our literature: we build media architectures to communicate, interact and inspire each other. Our research is engaged and our development is open source.



We are not driven by the logic of profit: is your solidarity that makes us progress. We accept monetary donations and are well able to cooperate on research & development grants to envision and deliver new and inspiring solutions.

Selected projects


Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a Live CD/DVD distribution based on the Linux kernel. It is shaped by the needs of media activists, artists and creators to be a practical tool focusing on multimedia production and delivering a large assortment of applications. It allows manipulation and broadcast of both sound and video with tools to record, edit, encode, and stream. In addition to multimedia specific programs, dyne:bolic also provides word processors and common desktop computing tools.

ZShaolin is a powerful console terminal full of extra command-line tools, no root required!. It comes with a fully featured and well usable shell (colors, completion etc.), a large software keyboard and several scripting possibilities to edit and convert batches of photos, images, audio and video in different formats, transfer files and admin remote machines.


Freecoin is a set of tools to let people run reward schemes that are transparent and auditable to other organisations. It is made for participatory and democratic organisations who want to incentivise participation, unlike centralised banking databases. Freecoin aims to leverage the use of social digital currencies in a reliable, simple and resilient way.

D-CENT-smallFreecoin is developed for D-CENT: a Europe-wide project creating privacy-aware tools and applications for direct democracy and economic empowerment. Together with the citizens and developers, we are creating a decentralised social networking platform for large-scale collaboration and decision-making.

We care about: community ownership of social data, security and privacy by design, open standards, mass scalability, open access to knowledge and code.


In the IoT paradigm, having a clear overview of what goes in and out of the network becomes of crucial importance for home users and professionals. The ultimate question of responsibility for whatever happens within a network cannot be easily answered, considering the way things can autonomously decide to initiate communications.

Dowse is a smart digital network appliance for home based local area networks (LAN), but also small and medium business offices, that makes it possible to connect objects and people in a friendly, conscious and responsible manner.




Dyne.org’s contribution to the Free Software community is immense. We appreciate this work from India.

Frederick Noronha

Bytes for All

Dyne:bolic is one of the ever increasing list of GNU/Linux distributions we recommend because of their strong commitment to user freedom.

GNU project

Free Software Foundation

The Tomb project is actually really cool. They have done a lot of work to make the power of cryptsetup accessible to mere mortals.

The Grugq

Hacker Tradecraft