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we are free to share code and we code to share freedom

Welcome to our digital community and free software foundry is a non-profit free software foundry with almost 20 years of expertise in developing applications used worldwide.

Code repository

Code is our literature: we build software to communicate, interact and inspire. We let art, science and technology meet open source.


We welcome donations and cooperation proposals for projects that benefit human society and respect the natural environment.

Selected projects

Zenroom: easy cryptography to the people

Zenroom is a tiny and portable virtual machine that authenticates and manages access to data using human-readable smart contractsZenroom is easy to program to performs fast cryptographic operations for end-to-end encryption and runs on: desktop, embedded, mobile phones, clouds and web browsers.

The Venture Builder for Human Centric Solutions

  • A mission-oriented Strategic Research and Innovation work programme
  • Pan-European attraction of outstanding research groups, hi-tech start-ups and SMES
  • Trustable, transparent and unbiased selection of “Human centric innovators”
  • A Venture Builder Program of 12 months , including funding, technical and business mentorships
  • Access to pilots, market and further potential investment
  • An experienced Advisory Board composed by key players:

DECODE reclaims technological sovereignty.

The DECODE project is a the first EU research project on blockchain technology and one out of two to become a flagship project for the EU Commission. We are proud to be its technical coordinators and to lead a fantastic consortium towards its outstanding success. Dive into DECODE’s research materials and browse the software we have developed.


Devuan GNU+Linux is a very stable free software operating system for PC, +40 embedded ARM boards and cloud micro-services. This distribution has made headlines worldwide and its community-based developed is driven by large numbers. Join the FORUM – Download the ISO – Learn more about Init Freedom.

Social Wallet makes the use of social digital currencies a reliable, simple and resilient process; it is software developed and adopted by prestigious  European research projects about economic sustainability. It consists in a set of tools to connect multiple blockchains and database through the same simple authenticated API. It is made to interface complementary tokens and leverage DLT interoperability



Dowse gives you a clear overview and full control of what goes in and out of the  Internet of Things. This is very important for local area networks at home and at the office. This software turns a RaspberryPI into a smart network appliance and captive portal to connect objects and people in a friendly, conscious and responsible way.

Decentralized Citizen Engagement Technologies

D-CENT is a research and development project on privacy-aware tools and applications for direct democracy and economic empowerment. Together with large movements of citizens and developers, we build decentralized social networking platforms for participatory democracy, collaboration and decision-making.

Research materialsSoftware tools

Testimonials’s contribution to the Free Software community is immense. We appreciate this work from India.

Frederick Noronha

Bytes for All

Dyne:bolic is one of the ever increasing list of GNU/Linux distributions we recommend because of their strong commitment to user freedom.

GNU project

Free Software Foundation

The Tomb project is actually really cool. They have done a lot of work to make the power of cryptsetup accessible to mere mortals.

The Grugq

Hacker Tradecraft


Museum of Working Computers

Since more than 20 years we curate a museum of working computers: a place where people can, both physically and remotely via Internet, log into historical computers, know their history and learn electronics and computer science starting from the beginning. We repair, preserve and share to the public our heritage: hardware, manuals, software, electrical schemes and media of various kind.

MUSIF (Sicilia)MIAI (Calabria)

Selection of books mentioning us


18 Think &Do Tank

We facilitate artists, creatives and engaged citizens in the digital age, sharing tools, practices and narratives for community empowerment.
Our software is not just about market products to satisfy consumer needs: it has implications that can be aesthetic, social, political, technical, spatial, linguistic, economic and numerical.
Since the year 2000 a large amount of people and organizations employed and redistributed our creations: radio makers, film makers, artists, medics, activists and educators.
Our strengths are community, software and documentation.
Worldwide, free of charge, free to copy.

We work also as an European research organisation for the delivery of publicly funded software projects and we believe that code paid by the people should be available to the people. Our software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve its code, to support fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, press and privacy. is associated to the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and involved in the following research grants:

 All grants above adopt, promote and produce exclusively Free and Open Source Software and we are very proud and well committed to encourage this ethical practice across public institutions and the European research community. Social Network

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Stories like these are a mean to recognize and enhance cultural and community roots. Thanks @francesca_bria for covering two decades of activism and purpose driven development across the globe
Insights from a policymaker on public-civic tech💻Working on our upcoming report on interoperability and a public-civic internet, this conversation with @aikvaneemeren, Public Tech Lead of the city of Amsterdam, helped us sharpen our thinking👉 DyneOrg photo
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