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Please do not send bug reports here, we won’t reply them: use instead our BUGTRACKER which helps tracking down problems and keeping them in order.

Please do not ask us to hack your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend facebook account, your school’s grades database or your boss credit card. We won’t do it, its simply not what we do. Also consider it is NOT SAFE TO TALK ABOUT SUCH THINGS ON THE INTERNET. WE DO OUR BEST TO KEEP THIS COMMUNICATION RESERVED, BUT CORPORATIONS ARE PROFILING YOU ALL THE TIME WITH WHAT YOU WRITE. DONT GO AROUND FB WITH SUCH REQUESTS. Just saying, we do know that many of you will still ask about it anyway, all the time.

If you can stay connected for a longer span of time you can also get in touch via Internet relay chat (IRC) on where we hang out in the #dyne chatroom.

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Sometimes we organize events and workshops around the world, leave us your email if you like to receive a notice.

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