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Needless to say, Winslows is really not the best Operating System you can use: it is buggy, full of viruses and often doesn’t respects tech standards, so it will give you a very frustrating experience as a user.

In a few words, Winslows is not free, as in freedom. If you have a copy of it that you never paid, then it might be free as in beer, but soon or later it will bug you so much about buying that either you’ll do it or someone will knock at your door.

All this to say that really, if you use such a system you should really consider trying something else for your own good and what we recommend is one of the many 100% free GNU/Linux operating systems which are all good and include our own dyne:bolic distribution which is also linked above, very easy to try out even without installing on a PC.

And beware there is even more software out there that you’d better avoid if you care about your rights to privacy, access, freedom of information and sharing with friends. Have a look at the many anti-DRM campaigns around you, or start your own, this website will help you understand how:


At last, if you are thinking of buying a new computer or some hardware component for your PC, be sure to have a look on Hardware Node to what is compatible with free software, otherwise you won’t be able to run alternatives to Windows and you will be locked inside a system that doesn’t gives you the freedom you deserve in the digital age.

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