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A sound art composition about the use of viral media to bypass the war on drugs in Mexico

viral messages about narcowar

Warscape Sonata is a sound art production that remixes information related to the current drug war in Mexico. RSS news channels, microblogging hashtags, and viral videos are used as sources for an electronic registry of the historic moment of militarized Mexico.

The information obtained from these sources is manipulated using GNU/Linux software to extract sound archives which are then used to create a noise musical structure that places aesthetic emphasis on the media aspect of the war.

This sound art composition also highlights the way in which Mexico’s civilian population experiments with information technologies to confront propaganda, social control and fear.

This social experiment with mass media is generating new forms of pop culture charaterized by intense human drama.

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Warscape Sonata is produced with the DyneBolic nomadic media lab

Warscape Sonata is a work in progress by Vlax, a native digital and multimedia journalist based in Southern Mexico.

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We believe that new cultural an economic spheres can be generated promoting collective returns in favor of Free Culture and social development.

We participate in the world movement to establish new conditions for cultural creation in order to allow the production of common works to which everyone can contribute to the benefit of all.

Warscape Sonata is published under Free Art Licence: you can freely copy, distribute, and transform the work’s resources. This license grants you the right to use this work, and acknowledges the right holder’s and the user’s rights and responsibility.

Warscape Sonata is based in collective return

We seek the social return of investments and for this reason apart from individual returns, this project is based on collective returns for the development of the commons (open code and/or free knowledge).

You can participate in many ways:

  • With collective financing (monetary contributions)
    With distributed collaboration (services, infrastructures, microtasks)

Please visit the website’s project to discover how you can participate

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