GNU/Linux software

  • Netsukuku Netsukuku dragonNetsukuku is a P2P mesh network system using a fractal algorithm to calculate routes. It is designed to handle a large number of nodes using few resources.
  • Jaro Mail nyanmailcat-circle-512An E-Mail framework for GNU/Linux and Apple/OSX, no-nonsense as only geeks can be, to keep feet on ground and data off the clouds. Jaro Mail lets you download your email and filter it, send encrypted messages, whitelist your addressbook, organize old emails in backups and compute statistics about your traffic.
  • VeeJay blendkey2VeeJay is a visual instrument and realtime video sampler that can do live or scheduled sequencing of videos and effect processing, chroma key effects and video mapping. While playing, you can record the resulting video directly to disk (video sampling), all effects are realtime and optimized for use on modern processors.
  • LiVES video editor livesmtLiVES is a Video Editing System designed to be simple to use, yet powerful, by reusing several components present in GNU/Linux systems that are already dealing with image composition. This application is aimed at the digital video artist who wants to create their own content, the video editor who wants to create professional looking video, and the VJ who wants to captivate with spectacular images.
  • DarkSnow – Audio streamer on GNU/Linux DarkSnowDarkIce is a live audio streamer for GNU/Linux. It records audio from an audio interface (e.g. sound card), encodes it and sends it to a streaming server. DarkSnow is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for DarkIce. This software is recently implementing a solution for OPUS codec streaming.
  • FreeJ vision mixer ipernav-transFreeJ is a vision mixer: a digital instrument for realtime video mixing and manipulation used in the fields of dance teather, veejaying, medical visualisation and TV.
  • Frei0r video plugins out-sobelFree video plugins Frei0r is a minimalistic plugin API for free video effects. The main emphasis is on simplicity for an API that will round up the most common video effects into simple filters, sources and mixers that can be controlled by parameters. It’s our hope that this way these simple effects can be shared between many applications, avoiding duplicate efforts.
  • MuSE radio streamer MuSE internet radio streamerMuSE is a software to stream your own internet radio: it mixes your voice and fades in multiple music playlists, streaming the resulting mix to the internet in MP3 or OGG format. It is a free application to make your own radio in an easy and direct way.
  • Syncstarter millxmolen_trans1Video Sync-Starter for digital video playback This software provides synced playback of multiple videos on multiple screens. In the video art field there are many artworks requiring the synced and parallel playback of audio/video materials: we are providing such functionality for IvyTV supported hardware decoders, with accurate frame precision and the possibility to re-use old PC computers.
  • HasciiCam hasciicam-LIVE1ASCII For The Masses HasciiCam makes it possible to have live ASCII video on the web. It captures video from a tv card and renders into ascii letters, formatting the output into an html page with a refresh tag, or in a live ascii window, or in a simple text file. It gives the possiblity to anybody that has a bttv card, a unix box and a cheap modem line to show live (h)ascii video can be viewed without any need for extra applications, plugins, java etc
  • TBT Time Based Text tbt-wheelTBT explores a new use for old media: written text. To carry more information in text we record the performance of writing it, with real-time accuracy for every little hesitation, correction and pause employed to write poetry.
  • Tomb :: the Crypto Undertaker tomb private storageTomb is 100% free and open source software for file encryption, to protect user’s privacy. Its code is easy to review and links peer reviewed components. Tombs are encrypted folders that can be opened only using a key file and its password, securing their transport. Tomb helps GNU/Linux users to store data in a safe way.
  • AutOrg :: autonomous and extensible editor AutOrgAutOrg is a powerful and extensible text editor for Mac/OSX based on Emacs and Org-mode, it is growing in the direction of becoming a personal information organizer that works off-line on your computer and supports easy publishing, encryption and sharing of selected parts of information.
  • libbitcoin :: modular, scalable, async bitcoin library Libbitcoin logoThe Libbitcoin development project aims to create an extendable, scalable and configurable architecture, along with useful software. Making Bitcoin super-pluggable, highly configurable and easy to interact with. Libbitcoin is a community of developers building the open source library, tools and implementation necesary for a free, independent and vibrant Bitcoin.
  • WebNomad :: website and slideshow generator webnomad logoWebNomad is a set of shell scripts to generate websites and image galleries fit for desktop as well mobile and tablet browsing. It can be operated on any device running ZShell, its themes are based on Bootstrap CSS, pages can be written in Markdown interlaced into HTML, while it uses JQuery to make slideshows. WebNomad aims to be just like an artichoke: functional and pretty.
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