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Mission exists since 2000 as a foundation committed to research and development of free and open source software and services. We act in support of artists, creatives and engaged citizens in the digital age with tools, practices and narratives for community empowerment.

Ranging from radio makers, humanitarian organisations, artists, medics, activists and educators, a large amount of people employed and redistributed our software worldwide and free of charge.

We act as an international network of experts syndicating and contributing to diverse technological developments for their quality and role within societies. We share peer reviews, mutual support and resources for peace and equal rights, operating outside the logic of profit and competition. We support cooperation within social contexts to leverage on-line and on-site community values, to empower people with the hacker attitude to re/think, re/mix and re/design to circumvent limitations and find a way out from economies based on scarcity and privilege.


At the origin of there is the South Italian tribe of the Freaknet: an on-line and on-site medialab and museum based in the Mediterranean island of Sicily, surviving since 1994 the hostile environment of South Italian criminal administration and cultural repression.

We regularly gather in the Hackmeeting which is, since 1998, the annual gathering of many computer and reality hackers, an auto-organized TAZ inspired by people and projects at CCC, 2600, GNU and EFF.

Among the others and supported the birth of this digital community since the very beginning, hosting it in the digital space, offering solidarity and support for our on-line operations.


To promote the idea and practice of open source knowledge sharing within civil society: by fostering research, development, production and distribution of free software solutions when employing public resources.

To open the participation to on-line and on-site communities, leveraging the democratic and horizontal access to technology, lowering the economical requisites to its accessibility, redistributing power to grass-root communities.

To foster employment of free software in education and creativity: exploring new forms of expression and interaction, disseminating new languages that can be freely adopted and re-elaborated by everyone, insuring the long term conservation of digital artworks.

To support free software development, also when non-profitable: being software a socially relevant media it should not be invented and maintained only on the basis of its merchantability.


Free software offers a wide degree of freedom: it can be appropriated and co-evolve according to needs expressed by the community of users and developers.


We aim at facilitating horizontal access to knowledge and expression in absence of hierarchical powers and control, established corporate and judicial monopolies.

It is extremely important to us that even those who don’t have access to mainstream information channels are able to publish and communicate, independently produce their messages and their ideas, everywhere.

Development should be aware of all environmental issues connected to it and, as such, keep the research focused, whenever possible, on recycling technical equipment that is already existing, develop environmental friendly systems, find ways to optimise the use of energy sources employed.


We do our best to empower people with knowledge about technology and in doing this the adoption of free and open source software is a fundamental ingredient for intellectual freedom and long term independence. We also experiment with creativity, art and artisanship exploring new forms of expression and interaction, disseminating new languages that can be freely adopted and modified, as well ensuring the long term preservation of digital materials.

Our activities include ad-hoc research and development, skill sharing workshops, advocacy of open standards and free software based infrastructure. We share tools for audio/video production, independent communication, private storage of information, autonomous p2p networking and hardware recycling.

Concerning education, we believe that independence from commercial influences is crucial to protect the contextual integrity of specific communities from global mercantile interests and de facto empires.

We run workshops and seminars, offering participants with theoretical as well hands-on experiences, exploring various ideas and practices of crafting and recycling technologies, to stimulate students towards the invention of novel forms of interactive computing and social networking.


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