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We are happy to offer another space to meet and discuss, free as in speech.

And this time is not just text, but also voice communication using the free and open source Mumble software.

Download Mumble

Here you can download the client, install and connect to our server, hang out and feel free to organize your meetings.

Add our server to mumble: host{‘’} port{‘64738’} (default) the link here works if you have Mumble installed.

If you like to be registered or open a reserved chatroom, try to contact us keeping in mind this is a free service and everyone is volunteering to keep it up.

Our thanks go to Fruity for running the service and Shuriami for the artwork :^)

Meet you all on-line. Make your voice heard (but please don’t shout too loud!)







Privacy Policy

Some may ask how we handle data retention, privacy and all that stuff.

Below you get a picture of our policy in good detail.

Privacy policy explanation.