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During the summer of 2014 we were pitching our ideas into CHEST, a sort of competition between various ideas to decide who gets funded by the European Commission. This competition was based on user rating and anyone can give a rate online.


The rating is now closed and our projects did not make it to get funded, but we are extremely grateful to all the good people in our community who shared good comments and encouraging remarks on the CHEST website.

When public money is distributed through voting, at least the voting results should be published at the end! Are we asking too much? 8^|

Oddly enough we don’t know the reason nor the final results of the rating. We do not know what to think about a project that distributes public money with an open rating system, but then do not publishes any result. We just got briefly noticed none of our projects made it, despite all the support people have shown for them and despite the registration system was broken and fixed only the last 7 days of the rating (what we got the most after our call for support was feedback about this, really…)

How CHEST went is a real pity since it turns down such public rating experiments in funding. We do like them and we think there should be more, but done well! Judging from the community support we got, we would be way better off. But now this experience is very demotivating and marks a bad history for such kinds of experiments. Most of the CHEST funding is assigned without any public voting and the small percentage of it that was based on public rating has no results published.

If you want to complain about this, please do! Reach anyone you know at the European Commission in charge of funding and report CHEST as a bad example, asking for more experiments like this, but DONE WELL. We wish one day we’ll have public rating for some of the funding going out of the EU.


Our ideas pitched into CHEST:

Dyne:bolic – 100% Free Nomadic Operating System

Dyne:bolic is a live operating system running from CD or USB. It is designed to run on old computers, preserve users privacy and comes ready with applications for media production. It is 100% free (vetted by the FSF). We intend to build version 4. – See more at CHEST

Tomb – the Crypto Undertaker

Tomb is a minimalistic, free and open source tool to keep secrets in custody and access them easily. It works on GNU/Linux. We want to port Tomb to new platforms, make video instructions on how to use it and add features to support more hardware. – See more at CHEST

Dowse – Transparent Local Networks

Networks in the age of the Internet of Things will be full of people’s devices with access to their private, common and public information. Dowse makes people conscious about what happens in the network space around them. – See more at CHEST

Bubbleclub – distributing live cultures

Bubbleclub’s aim is to spread free knowledge on how to cultivate live fermented cultures at home, including kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh and ginger beverages. We produce and distribute starter cultures and instructions for live foods. – See more at CHEST


We all know that even ninja turtle super-heroes need moneys to buy pizza.

We all know that even ninja turtle super-heroes need moneys to buy pizzas.

Please help us get to the dosh.

Please vote and help us get the dosh. This is not an advert.

Scroll up and rate our projects.

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