Exhibitions and performances


Sister0 researchers the computer as a theatre machine. Through her experimental artworks, performances and durational events, she prefers to perform the political, than merely represent it and therefore presents a paradoxical combination of satire and transcendentalism.
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Associazione teatrale 99mq

Ci elettrizza il perderci, perchè sentiamo che da qualche parte si nasconde il nostro monte analogo. Non siamo vittime delle novità e degli stupori, perchè comprendiamo il valore di ogni ripetizione. Ed i nostri piedi sono il nostro orizzonte.
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Museo dell’Informatica Funzionante

Since the early ’90 a group of Italian hackers started cultivating the idea of having a “working computer museum”: a place to collect historical computers, but also documentation and software, restoring them to a working state, so that visitors can not only admire, but also experience using them.
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An art exhibition on Hackers, Computer Viruses and Source Code. In a society of communication and information the dealing with computer viruses belongs to every day digital life. I LOVE YOU explores computer virus history, its technical development, a visualisation of hidden processes and the aesthetic dimension of computer viruses.
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A teather performance about Liberation from mental slavery and television. Audio and video theatrical performance about media control – interfering on the mainstream TUBE info-feed. Don’t let doctor Benaway exploit your mind, who’s not yet a Thanatoid needs to rebel: exorcise your TV household appliance.
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Nuns with Guns Vj

Nuns with guns VeeJay sets mix video bombing with catholic images to deconstruct the normative mainstream communication of gender identity. The digital dimension is explored as an in-flux medium that facilitates the melting-pot of represented and lived identities.
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Books and publications

Col saldatore alle due di notte

Una raccolta di Haiku, Koan, storielle Zen ed altro ancora, trovate in rete e fra vecchi libri, raccolte da Asbesto Molesto.
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NET.ART – L’arte della connessione

Il primo tentativo in Italia di fornire una panoramica completa di una forma d’arte, la, nata dall’incontro fra eredità delle avanguardie e innovazione tecnologica. Uno strumento non solo di conoscenza, ma un vero e proprio tool a disposizione di tutti, da piegare a mille usi per aprire nuove possibilità di trasformazione del presente.
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Software Libero in Italia

Testimonianze di chi ha visto nascere e crescere il software libero in Italia: dalla realtà della pubblica amministrazione alla ricerca scientifica, dalla sicurezza informatica alla produzione audio-musicale, il libro restituisce uno spaccato aggiornato di questo mondo complesso e variegato.
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Collection of essays written by speakers who met at FSCONS in 2008. Young voices from the European scene of free software put forward their reflections on the future of the free software movement. Among the chapters: “From Consumer to Creator”, “The darling conceptions of your time”, “RMS on FREE BEER”, “Kopimi”, “The End of (Artificial) Scarcity”.
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Internet, Hackers y Software Libre

Editora Fantasma! Este libro de entrevistas a los piratas informáticos de todo el mundo: Richard Stallman, Bruce Sterling, Jaromil, Eric Huges, John Gilmore, Marilina Winik, Steve Mizrach and Jonas Löwgren…
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Networking: The Net as an Artwork

The book represents a first tentative reconstruction of the history of artistic networking in Italy, through an analysis of the realities which during the past twenty years have given way to a creative, shared and aware use of technologies, from video to computers, contributing to the formation of Italian hacker communities.
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Music and radio

mi.s.fu – carillon industriali

I mi.s.fu sono nati intorno al 1996-1997 da un gruppo con la tipica strumentazione rock, influenze musicali disparate (dark, psichedelia, rock in senso ampio, rumorismo, franco battiato) e una malsana tendenza ad improvvisare e sperimentare. Le produzioni dei mi.s.fu girano a piede libero, se ne sbattono della siae e dei copyright, e sono liberamente manipolabili.
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Warscape Sonata

Warscape Sonata is a sound art production that remixes information related to the current drug war in Mexico. Multiple online sources and viral videos are used to compose an electronic registry of the historic moment of militarized Mexico. The information obtained is mixed to create a noise musical structure that places aesthetic emphasis on the media aspect of the war.
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Silente Sonoro

Suena tu silencio, bienvenida tu escucha atenta. Silente Sonoro busca contribuir desde la fonografía y la narrativa sonora al análisis crítico del ambiente que el Ser Humano ha creado en torno a sus distintas percepciones del silencio.
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M2M – Migrant 2 Migrant radio

migrant to migrant radio
Look with us. Not at us. M2M means from Migrant to Migrant. M2M is a meeting point for migrants. Like a camp fire. Every migrant has a story, a message. Every migrant is a messenger between there and here and here and there… Every migrant is a medium.
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Investigación – Ricerca – 研究 – Forschung – अनुसंधान

Dammuso research lab

A technology artisan in the deep south of Europe, on the island of Sicily, experimenting with all kinds of electronic equipment. You will find mods and reviews of geiger counters and radio equipment, but also documentation about the restoration of ancient computers and also uniquely handcrafted wooden laptops and usb sticks for sale.
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Started in 2004 by journalists and hackers, the Streamtime project activates knowledge and technology exchanges with war zones and places in crisis, to get out the word from those who live into the situation: bloggers, independent journalists, people.
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The Next Layer

A platform for collaborative research on art, technology and social change. The Next Layer supports an open publishing policy, peer review and weak link cooperation. Contributors are free to decide which licence they use or if they use no licence at all, yet the overall aim is to make high quality content available to the wider public.
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M2M – Migrant 2 Migrant radio

migrant to migrant radio
Look with us. Not at us. M2M means from Migrant to Migrant. M2M is a meeting point for migrants. Like a camp fire. Every migrant has a story, a message. Every migrant is a messenger between there and here and here and there… Every migrant is a medium.
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DYNDY is an effort at building a Pattern Language for Alternative and Complementary Money Systems to inform and empower grassroots communities with concepts and tools to overcome scarcity, instruments and reflections for the Exodus from proprietary money.
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